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How To Write A Thesis Statement For A Research Paper: Tips & Examples

A thesis statement is a very vital part of your paper as it shows the reader what your paper is exactly about. To put in simple words, think of the answer to this question

What is the main aim of your paper? Alternatively, what do you want to prove through your research? The answer to this question in a sentence or two is going to be the thesis statement of your paper. It is the extract of your paper and entire research in a sentence or two. Usually you should include this statement in your introduction paragraph. For a research paper, you will specifically mention this statement under a certain heading. Never make your statement look absurd or unclear; you need to give a very clear, precise and bold thesis statement to your readers. The other important thing is that the statement should not be a mere opinion. It needs to be a strong and arguable statement that you will develop and maintain until the end of your paper.

An opinion is something that you have on your own with or without any logical reasoning. A fact thesis statement needs to have strong factual and logical support so that you can defend it. It is simply the answer to the whats and whys regarding your research and paper.

It is important for you to have an arguable and persuasive statement. This means you should simply state a universal fact that everyone will agree with. You need to come up with something that has both sides and you then develop and defend your stance.

Always remember to have strong evidence and concrete examples, which you will use as your supporting material to prove your point.

The statement should not be vague or half-baked. You need to state the overall focus of your paper very clearly. By looking at your statement, a reader should be able to understand what the rest of your paper is about. The thesis statement should not be an opinion or an illogical claim

You need to include your statement by the end of your paper in the conclusion paragraph. This is where you summarize the paper and restate your statement. You lay emphasis on how you proved your point and why your thesis statement was the best possible argument.

Remember all these points in your mind in order to compose a winning statement for your research paper


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