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A List Of Original Marketing Research Paper Ideas On Walmart 

Walmart is the largest retail corporation in America, and you can find out a lot of interesting things from exploring the business techniques of this company. Choose any interesting issue and investigate it deeply and from different angles. Here is a list of original research paper ideas devoted to the marketing policy of this corporation.

  • The Shopper Events: a new view on the marketing practice of sampling.
  • Explore the existing Shopper Events operating model in the store. How does it work? How does it differ from the traditional sampling models? What are the key principles of its success?

  • “Bright Ideas” program.
  • Research the essence of the program. What are the roles of demonstrations and product sampling in the store’s marketing policy? How are these events organized?

  • Technologies: how do they add to the growing success of the corporation?
  • Walmart is known to operate the most powerful corporate computing system in the world. What is it needed for? What information can be found in the database?

  • The history of Walmart’s marketing experience.
  • In your research paper, explore how Sam Walton approached the business. How did those methods transform into the existing ones?

  • “Private labels” versus well-known brands.
  • How do these goods coexist? Why is it beneficial to have a private product line?

  • More opportunities for low-priced suppliers: what for?
  • Explore the practice of giving more shelf space to the unknown brands. Base your research paper on the real examples.

  • Being close to suppliers and manufacturers.
  • Walmart is known for the unusual policy of keeping in touch with suppliers and even teaching them. Look for examples. Investigate how such a close connection between the manufacturer and retail store helps keep prices low.

  • Walmart and local (national) businesses.
  • Take any town and research how the launch of the new store affected the existing businesses. Why is the marketing strategy of this corporation more efficient?

  • Foreign manufacturers as the key Walmart suppliers.
  • Why does the corporation rely mainly on overseas manufacturers (e.g. China)? Explore the issue from economic and marketing points of view.

  • Walmart going abroad.
  • Investigate the present spread of the company business. How should existing marketing strategies and approaches be changed if the business is launched in a foreign market? Choose any Asian or European country to base your research paper on.

  • A lack of flexibility?
  • The company is often criticized for not being flexible enough and not following the popular trends. Do you agree? Look for supporting information. In your research paper, investigate the possible reasons and solutions to the problem.


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