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Research Paper Topics On Shakespeare: Finding New Approaches

When you are tasked with writing a research paper on a topic related to Shakespeare, it can seem daunting, at best, to find something that is unique and something that your teacher has yet to read. Writing about Shakespeare is really about personal interpretation. You want to take time to reflect upon your personal feelings. So long as you can provide an interpretive thread for the reader to follow you can present interpretations of key works or key phrases with ease.

However, in order to find a new approach toward your essay you can look for a unique topic that has not been written about in your class before.

If you are tasked with writing an essay on Shakespeare, there are many potential topics from which to choose:

  • You can write about the music that appears in his works
  • You can write about the controversy over his authorship
  • You can write about the man himself
  • You can write about his historical plays
  • You can write about his sonnets
  • You can write about his comedies
  • You can write about his romances
  • You can discuss globe theater
  • You can discuss performing his work
  • You can also focus on a particular piece such as King Lear, Hamlet, Cymbeline, Timon of Athens, Twelfth Night, Othello, or Merchant of Venice.
  • You can focus on political power in all of the historical plays
  • You can write about social conventions and how people interact with one another
  • You can focus on Shakespeare’s approach toward sexuality and the crisis that it can be, especially in Twelfth Night

If you are struggling to find a topic, it is best that you stick with what you know. This is true no matter the course for which you are writing the essays good topic is something that you truly enjoy. It should be something you are truly interested in. If you are having trouble finding a good topic, you can brainstorm potential ideas by reviewing things you have recently read, watched on television, or seen in the news. If you are taking a psychological course and you really recently read a news article about self-control that might be the perfect starting point for uncovering the ideal topic. If instead you watched a documentary about juicing, you might be able to apply the concepts of chemicals in soda to a government course, specifically targeting things the government has approved for large corporations.


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