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A List Of Successful College-Level Research Paper Topics

If you don't know what type of college-level research paper topics you can expect to be contributing towards yourself, then there is no need to worry! Below, you will find an excellent array of topics to give you some idea of the type of subjects that are used. Of course, many of these will be specifically relevant to the chosen field of subject. However, this list has been created just to give you an overview of the sorts of topics that are covered in college-level essays. So when it comes to writing your college research paper, you won't be quite as in the dark as you could otherwise be!

This list is just a starting point, but if you want more, then you can always find them! Have a look at your campus library or your local public library to see what other past students have chosen as their topics. Equally, you can get online and browse through various subjects and papers. In fact, there are some websites that are specifically based on college and higher education essays.


  • With the minimum wage now being mandatory, is it time to implement a maximum wage- and what impact would this have on the U.S economy?
  • Does a 40 hour week of work lessen the standards of employees' output? Could less actually mean more?

Gender psychology.

  • How do men and women use body language differently in communication?
  • How much of a role does gender play in personality formation?


  • Should the federal government put new laws in place to stop bullying in education establishments and the workplace, and would it help?
  • Should the age of juvenile offenders be lowered so they can be tried as adults?


  • Is climate change real? Discuss opposing views with regards to global warming and global cooling.
  • Why isn't wind energy being used more and is it as inexpensive and effective as the experts tell us it is?


  • Would lowering the age of consensual sex be beneficiary?
  • Should convicted criminals have the right to vote?

Government policies.

  • Should personal use of marijuana be made legal or decriminalized? What would be the implications of this?
  • Does homeland security actually make us any safer?

World affairs.

  • Is global overpopulation a myth?
  • How can the West best help developing countries in health care?

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