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A Brief Guide To Composing A Research Paper About Abortion

It’s a current and burning issue. There is every possibility you feel very strongly about abortion. You believe you can write a strong paper and want to start straightaway. There is one problem though: where to start? You still have to take care of all your facts and figures and you have to take care of grammar and you have to stick to a deadline. How do you go about it? This guide is designed to help you get through writing a research paper on abortion. Here are a few tips:

  • Determine the scope
  • This should be done before you even start writing your paper. You’ll have quite a few options open to you. Do you want your paper to be on a very specific topic (e.g. abortion rates and its significance), or do you want your paper to be broader in scope? Would you go to the depth of the issue or are you going to skim the surface of the problem? You should think all these aspects before you start writing your draft.

  • Research
  • Write everything down. It’s called a research paper for a reason. You have to look into all the sources of information and check the validity of your sources. Statistics in this kind of a paper is very important. There are many facets to look at, so explore all of them. There would be abortion cases to look into as well. If you are citing one of those cases, make sure you check the verdict out; especially Supreme Court decisions.

  • Assemble your research
  • After a thorough research, you must have found enough information to write your paper. That doesn’t mean you start writing. At this time, you should start collecting everything and put them in order. Assemble your sources, get your notes and research in order, think through your arguments, outline your paper, prepare a factsheet and put all the facts and stats on it. One you get all of this done, you are ready to write your paper.

  • Write your paper
  • Of course, this is important. While writing your paper, however, do not forget the scope of your paper. Are you being specific or wider in your scope? For example, you can either cover abortion in general, or the problems that are caused after abortion. Stick to your facts because it’s about credibility of your research. Passion is fine, but shouldn’t come at the expense of the facts.


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