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A List Of Interesting Term Paper Topics For College Seniors

By time you are in your last year of college you should be an expert at writing a term paper. Depending on what your major is you should also be well on your way to becoming an expert in your field. However, just because you are almost an expert doesn’t mean that you always know what to write about. Figuring out a top evaluated term paper concept is tricky and takes a lot of careful consideration. In today’s post we are providing a list of writing prompts that may help you land on an extremely interesting paper idea:

  1. What is the most pressing issue (related to your field of study) today?
  2. In the past year what are some current events that related to your field that occurred?
  3. What was the most interesting thing that you learnt during your 3 (or 4) years studying this topic?
  4. What was the most resonating point covered in your class lectures?
  5. What would you consider to be the most unique thing that you have learned?
  6. What is the most specific fact that you learnt during your 3+ years of studying?
  7. What is the one thing that you wish you knew more about?
  8. What interests you the most about your area of study?
  9. What was something interesting that you read about this topic?
  10. Who are the experts in your field of study?
  11. What do the experts say about the topic that you are studying do agree fully?
  12. What unique perspectives have you developed in this area of study?
  13. How is technology connected to your area of study?
  14. What is the most concerning thing that you discovered while studying?
  15. What improvements could be made in your field of expertise?
  16. What sort of experiment or research would you be interested in pursuing?
  17. How has your mind changed on this topic since your freshmen year?
  18. If you could write one more paper on your field of study what would it be about?
  19. Have you re-written a paper that you would like to revisit?
  20. What commentary would you make to someone interested in learning more about your field?
  21. In your opinion what is the value of studying this topic?
  22. Who was the most influential expert in your field of study?
  23. What piece of information that you learned did you agree with strongly?
  24. What piece of information that you learned did you disagree with strongly?
  25. How can you add insight to the information about your topic of study?

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