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Inventing Creative Research Paper Topics On Modern Jewish History

There are plenty of topics that you can choose to write about modern Jewish history out on the World Wide Web but more importantly there are scholarly articles available to you on different websites including your own university repositories. Finding the topics can be a bit tricky so in this article you will find some suggestions that can help you deliver the perfect research paper over to your instructor.

The first topic you can choose to write about is the facts surrounding the conflicts between the Israelis and Palestinians which seems to pan out almost every decade or so. The two parties involved carry out massive attacks against each other, the Israelis are usually involved in airstrikes and Tomahawk missiles from the ocean, whereas the Palestinians use their group Hamas to carry out rocket attacks and assassinations within Israel.

Another great idea for anything pertaining to modern Jewish history would be the idea of the creation of Israel after the World War, when the Western allies gave back the country to the Jewish people. This was a huge event in the history of the Jewish people, and it should definitely be touched upon when you’re writing your research paper. If you leave the creation of Israel out of your paper, chances are you’ll be leaving out a major piece of the Jewish people’s background and their modern day times.

In addition to the brief history from the World War, you can also speak about the different political parties that have been in power in Israel since it’s creation and what they’ve done for the country as a whole. More importantly, you can speak about the rise of the current Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu and how he became one of the strongest political figures in the country in such short time. The current Prime Minister also recently won a new term in power which means that you’ll be able to cover his political campaign this year.

The Jewish people have a very diverse and rich modern history. Finding topics to cover it shouldn’t be that hard, and you using the ones that we’ve covered in this article are a great way to start your research paper and create a well-structured paper to hand in. Regardless of which topic you choose for the paper you should consider including the creation of Israel, and the ongoing conflict they find themselves in throughout the region of the Middle East where it seems they always have their backs up against a wall.


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