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What Your Professor Expects From Your Term Paper Topics

  • Ability to follow instructions. This may sound very boring but your professor will have given you some instructions that will direct the production of your work. These instructions could focus on word count; referencing style; organisational skills and deadline dates.
  • Interesting Topic. You need to choose a topic that is both interesting and informative. If you are a loss for original ideas there are several web sites that offer suggestions. You could use these suggestions or base your topic on an original idea based on one of the topics.
  • Knowledge-based. You need to be able to choose your topic, based on your the concepts that have been covered throughout the term in the syllabus that you have been studying. You may even be able to make your paper more interesting by using cross curricula ideas, which will demonstrate both understanding and learning.
  • Ability to research. You need to show that you have the ability to research new ideas accurately and to be able to correctly cite new references. You may also need to research some of the work that you have covered throughout the term in order to understand and acknowledge any changes due to new research findings or to define any issues that may be 'woolly'.
  • Use the standard essay form. Make sure that you have an Introduction, Main part and Conclusion to your essay. Your paragraphs need to be carefully constructed. The first sentence of every paragraph acting as an introduction and the last sentence acting as a conclusion to the sentence but acting as a lead into the next paragraph.
  • Logical progression of ideas. Your work need to flow. The ideas need to follow on from each other. The reader needs to be guided, by you the writer, to enable them to understand the concepts that you are covering especially if you have chosen to deal with them in an original way. Make sure that you back up your ideas with accurate references. Take the time to give a balanced view of the concepts that you have covered.
  • Conclusion and recommendation. Make sure that you have given a firm conclusion to your essay and also include some recommendations within your conclusions. This will show that you have taken into consideration any further studies or applications. In reality this is a way to prove that you have really understood what you are writing about.
  • Proofread and edited. Take time to read through your work. Sometimes it’s a good idea to complete your work and then leave it for a day or two before your start proof reading and editing your work.

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