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Improve Your Writing- How To Find An Argumentative Research Paper Sample

Some people claim that practice makes perfect. They should have said that perfect practice makes perfect. When you are trying to improve your writing skills, the best way to do it is to use a great example. You can learn so much by analyzing a good sample essay. You can learn the best ways to present the information, format the paper, and even learn the tone and point of view that works best with that type of paper.

An argumentative research paper is designed to have you conduct research on a particular topic and then prove your stand on that topic. This is mostly done with controversial issues where there is no right or wrong answer. The main reason why an argumentative essay would use a controversial issue is because the main point is to prove something to the audience. Therefore, you would want to choose a topic that had some supporters and some opposition. Pick a side and then prove it with facts that you found during your research.

Check out these places to find a good sample paper:

  1. Resource
  2. You can use one of your resources as an example. These papers were written so well that they not only got published but they are used as a reference for other papers. Read a professional argumentative paper on your topic to get your brain thinking about the task at hand and to give you some good ideas to support your case. It will also start you off with a resource that you can pull a direct quote out for your supporting evidence.

  3. Writing tutorial
  4. There are books that teach you how to write various styles of papers. This can be a helpful tool because they usually include example essays that include notes explaining where they positioned the thesis statement and what the supporting facts are. They also would include some information on the best ways to format this type of paper.

  5. Professional Service
  6. There are professional writing services that you can utilize to get a copy of a research paper. You can even have them write a paper on your exact topic that you can use as a guide. It will include some sources that you can look up and read.

Having a sample is one effective way of getting the job done. It is definitely the best way to start the process.


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