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A List Of Outstanding Research Paper Topics For College

Coming up with an outstanding research paper topic for college can be a challenge. Use this list of possible topics as a jumping off point:

  1. How are narratives of fear used in climate change communications?
  2. How has the Mongolian cashmere industry changed since the fall of the Soviet Union?
  3. What influence have unions had on China’s manufacturing industry?
  4. What role did the physical landscape play in Thoreau’s writing?
  5. What components are required for a non-state nuclear terrorist attack to take place?
  6. Does doctor assisted suicide violate the Hippocratic oath?
  7. Is cap and trade an effective climate change mitigation strategy in the United States?
  8. How are the US military driving climate change mitigation and adaptation research and development?
  9. Should the United State remove its tactical nuclear weapons from Europe?
  10. Is it more effective to have renewable energy portfolio standards implemented federally on by states?
  11. What were the major turning points in the historical development of plate tectonic theory?
  12. Should art be privately or publicly funded in the United States?
  13. How were Darwin’s theories of evolution influence by his contemporaries?
  14. Is compulsory attendance in secondary education effective?
  15. How will the 2013 changes in the Federal Flood Insurance Program drive climate change adaptation?
  16. How is ecotourism changing the economies of developing countries?
  17. In what ways has the American concept of environmental conservation been exported to developing countries?
  18. What are factors of success for the establishment of National Parks in developing countries?
  19. Should antibiotics be controlled by the federal government or private pharmaceutical companies?
  20. What are major differences regulation of the Maine lobster fishery and the Gulf of Maine cod fishery, and how have these differences determined their relative success?
  21. How are sustainable forestry certifications changing the global forestry industry?
  22. Which countries of origin to sustainable forestry certifications most favor?
  23. What are major differences between state and USDA organic food certifications?
  24. How have catastrophic geologic events shaped human history?
  25. What were the largest effects of the last ice age on the landscape of New England?
  26. What factors led to the creation of and rise of tea party in the United States?
  27. Would privatization of National Parks increase park attendance?
  28. What factors are driving privatization of drinking water supply in the United States?

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