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Ecology Term Paper Ideas: Avoiding Common Mistakes

Writing an ecology term paper is a perfect way to practice your scientific writing skills. To succeed, you should read lots of different materials on the assigned topic, combine this information, and offer your view of the problem. If you want to craft a good term paper on any ecology topic and avoid the common mistakes that most students make, be sure to apply the following ideas:

  • Start with an outline.
  • A good outline will help you logically organize and represent your ideas.

  • Include critical thoughts in your term paper.
  • Repeating the ideas from the sources and thoughts of the other scientists is not enough. Combine all the information and come up with your position. For example, explain how you see the perspectives of using some environmentally-friendly inventions, or suggest your solutions to some ecological problems.

  • Properly organize your term paper.
  • The introductory sentences should reveal some general information on the topic. For example, explain what the alternative fuels are and why they are important. Specify what fuel you are going to investigate. The body paragraphs should convey narrow and specific information. Narrate the peculiarities of one of the alternative fuels, analyze its efficiency, advantages and disadvantages, and think how it can affect the environment. Look for the examples. Make your conclusion broad. It should include and summarize all the main points of your ecology term paper.

  • Make your topic narrow.
  • Avoid covering large areas. Choose a particular aspect or phenomenon to write about.

  • Emphasize the significance of the issue.
  • In the introduction, it is necessary that you explain why this issue is important to the world.

  • Avoid generalized sentences.
  • Each sentence of your term paper should be deep and well-grounded; add details, examples, and scientific evidence.

  • Start each paragraph with a topic sentence.

    The topic sentence should sum up the key point of the paragraph.

The following ecology topic ideas may be suitable for your term paper:

  1. Being green: the meaning and ways of going green.
  2. The ecosystem of the Great Barrier Reef (or pick any other you like). How is it affected by the people?
  3. Algae fuel: perspectives and advantages.
  4. Oil pipelines: how do they affect the environment? Where should they be forbidden?
  5. The ways to eliminate noise pollution.
  6. Nuclear plants: is it dangerous lo live nearby?
  7. Pesticides: how do they influence the environment and our health?
  8. Landfills: are there any alternatives?
  9. A hybrid car: how did it evolve?
  10. Organic food: what are the key characteristics and how can it be checked?

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