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How To Compose A Strong Introduction: Suggestions From A Term Paper Writer

The introduction is one of the most challenging aspects of a paper for many students. Whether you have worked on the type of paper before dozens of times or you are new to the field of writing academic essays entirely writing an introduction can still pose quite a feat. Students often have the middle part of their piece in mind before they start. They often think over what body arguments they want to present to their audience. But then they have to open those arguments in a particular format and close them and that is where the nerves begin mounting.

That being said there are a few tips you can remember when composing a strong essay.

Tip #1 for your term paper: Timing

Timing is important and in fact is the root of many frustrations among students. In almost all cases of anxiety regarding the introduction students are under the incorrect impression that they need to write it first before they complete any other part of their paper due to the fact that it is the first part in the organization of your essay. But this is simply not true. In fact this part of the essay can be written at any point. You are entirely in charge as the writer and therefore have complete control over the process. If you decide to wait until you write the body then do so. If you decide to wait until you have finished the rest of the piece that is fine too. The point is that you can write it at any time and in many cases having the body completed will allow you to better compose the introductory statement because you will know all that you are to cover in the bulk of the piece.

Tip #2 for your term paper: Catching the Reader’s Attention

When you are composing this part of your written piece it is important that you remember to catch the attention of your reader. You want this section to serve as a map or a set of guidelines which tell your reader what they are to expect when they read over the remainder of your piece. The role of this section is to let them know exactly what to expect at each junction in the final piece so that there are no surprises.

Tip #3 for your term paper: Organization

Remember that you must include your thesis statement first. After that you must include approximately one sentence for every one of the key arguments you plan to present to your reader.


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