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20 Interesting Ideas for Argumentative Research Paper Topics

Check out our argumentative research paper topics to get your creative juices flowing for your next argumentative research paper!


  1. Reusable Products: What are the benefits of reusable products? How do reusable shopping bags, water bottles, and more green products make a difference?
  2. Solar Panel Homes: Should solar panel use be limited? Why is it limited? What are the benefits of solar power?
  3. Ocean Floor Turbines: What do ocean floor turbines power? Why is this a better or worse energy solution to other existing energy resources?
  4. Farmed Fish: How does farming fish affect the environment? Are there any benefits or drawbacks?
  5. Nuclear Power: What does nuclear power do to the environment? What are the effects of nuclear malfunction?
  6. Technology

  7. Social Media: Does social media debilitate our social skills?
  8. Smart Phones: What risks do smart phones bring to your personal privacy? What information inside your smart phone is actually private?
  9. Three Dimensional: What kind of 3-d technology will scientific advancement bring? What are its necessities and benefits?
  10. Self-Driving Car: What situations will self-driving cars avoid? Are there major safety risks?
  11. Tablet vs. Computer: Many people argue a tablet can do all the same a computer can do. What are the benefits? Can a tablet really meet all of your computer needs?
  12. Health

  13. Paleo Diet: What are the benefits of a nomadic or paleo diet? Are there are risks or controversy?
  14. Meditation: What health benefits have been tied to meditation? Can meditation be part of a treatment plan?
  15. Vitamins: Do vitamins make a difference? Can they substitute for consuming nutrients through diet?
  16. Soda War: Should legal restrictions be placed on soda size? How should large sugary drinks be regulated?
  17. Red Meat: Has red meat been linked to disease? What kind of consumption of red meat is best?
  18. Media

  19. Self Image: How does pop culture affect the self-image of rising generations? Do our role models play an important role?
  20. Women in Advertising: What are the effects of women’s roles in advertising versus that of men?
  21. Censorship: Should media be censored for public safety? What are the pros and cons of this kind of censorship?
  22. Violence: Force and violence present in media have an effect on rising youth. Do violent movies, video games, and television series have developmental affects on behavior?
  23. Tablets: Will tablets replace paper and print sources?

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