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The 15 Best Medical Term Paper Topics For College Students

When you need to submit a paper on a medical theme, it might be tricky to find something easy to write but interesting in the same time. Most of topics are either extremely dull or they require weeks of research and complicated references. Besides, you don’t want to choose one of the common topics that your classmates are choosing every year. Here are some of the best topics for medical term paper that might inspire your for your work.

  1. Antibiotics- How were antibiotics discovered, what research led to the usage of them in medicine, what are the most common ones and how are they used today. It is simple research, but a very interesting and consistent topic.
  2. Modern diseases- There are certain diseases that are considered specific for modern society. The trigger of these is considered to be modern alimentation or pollution. Choose one of them and explore the topic.
  3. The influence of processed food- Apparently, there is a strong connection between processed food, excess sugar and some diseases that were known to be genetic. Very useful and catchy topic.
  4. Obesity- For sure this is one of the most present problems in the modern society. Talk about causes and ways to prevent this disease.
  5. Autism- You can break some of the misconceptions some of your classmates might have when it comes to this affection. The truth is while some Autistic children are not having the same features like all of us, they can be extremely talented in certain areas.
  6. Insulin resistance and diabetes- Diabetes became a common problem in our society and more and more people develop this disease every year. Talk about the causes and alternative treatments.
  7. Vaccination- While many parents nowadays hesitate to vaccinate their children, doctors are explaining how dangerous can this be and how they can make the children extremely vulnerable. Talk about both points of view and express you own opinion.
  8. The dangers of smoking- A topic very suitable for a health care class, it can throw light over the dangers of smoking and since teenagers can be very naïve at this age, an extra warning is always welcome.
  9. Cardiovascular diseases- You can choose any affection you want. However, try to focus on the rarest ones, so you can really impress your professors and show new information to your colleagues.
  10. Social Anxiety- Even if many people refuse to accept this as a medical affection, many of your classmates might suffer from anxiety without even knowing it. By bringing the problem up for discussion you can really make them feel confident and search help.
  11. Alternative medicine- All your colleagues will choose common topics, but just a few of them will have the courage and information to analyze such a sensitive topic. Present the advantages and disadvantages of this medicine and how we can use it for simple problems.
  12. Alzheimer’s- I think each one of us knows at least one person who suffers from this disease. If you present this in front of your class it can really help others to understand better the symptoms of this disease.
  13. Gastric bypass- The advantage of this topic is that the information about it is very accessible, as this type of surgery became really popular in the last years.
  14. Organ transplant- A really fascinating topic, you can express your opinion regarding organ donation and what are the primary risks of an unsuccessful transplant.
  15. AIDS- Unfortunately, many people are still discriminated because they have AIDS. By explaining how is the disease transmitted and what are the real dangers you can really reduce the discrimination in the modern society.

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