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The Top 10 Inspirational Ideas For Psychology Research Papers

The longer the research paper you have to do, the more inspiring your topic should be, so that you don’t grow tired of exploring it. Keep reading to discover a few fascinating research topics in psychology.

  1. School psychologists preventing suicide in cyber-bullying victims.
  2. School psychologists are supposed to help victims of bullying, but how well do they actually perform on this task? To resolve the doubts many parents and teenagers have about their capability, explore a case where a school psychologist prevented a victim’s suicide.

  3. “Textbook diagnosing”: a problem or new reality?
  4. “Old school” psychologists tend to criticize their younger colleagues for largely diagnosing on the basis of textbook classifications and typologies, rather than by considering each individual case. Explore the roots of this dispute and decide which side is right. Is “textbook diagnosing” bad or it is quite natural, to use the great amount of knowledge accumulated by previous researchers, to diagnose faster and more accurately?

  5. The impact of the contracting job market on university graduates.
  6. As it becomes more difficult for recent graduates to get their first job, psychologists are likely to be getting more clients from this demographic group – those who feel overwhelmed with the contrast between their recent academic success and their current disadvantaged position. Investigate previous literature in this field, and develop recommendations on what treatments should be most effective to help such patients.

  7. The “dream-reading” equipment and its possible uses in psychological treatment.
  8. The recent creation of equipment, that can recognize visual images in a sleeping human’s brain, brought forth the question of whether this technique can benefit psychological science and whether its use is ethical.

  9. The most efficient way to treat bi-polar disorders.
  10. The relationship between brain structure and addiction development.
  11. News as a stress-generating factor.
  12. Choose a particular group of people in your local community (senior residents, those living in a particular neighborhood, etc.). Conduct a case study of how their mental state was affected by a disturbing piece of recent news. Compare your results with those from previous research studies on the stress-generating power of news.

  13. Should personal counselors be allowed to prescribe medications?
  14. Can social media be effectively used for group therapy?
  15. A “self-therapeutic” topic.
  16. Think of any psychological disorder, or problem, you might have yourself. Explore its treatment from a unique “insider” angle. Looking at your problem as a researcher, you would not only produce an interesting paper, but also heal yourself.


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