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10 Great Sample Topics For Your Next Term Paper

Writing a term paper can be a daunting task for students especially when it comes to selecting a topic, and selecting an appropriate and interesting topic is the toughest step in writing a term paper. Thankfully here is a list of 10 great sample topics for your next term paper.

Energy Sources

One of the 10 great sample topics for your next term paper to consider is the issue of energy resources. With a world that is heavily dependent on non-renewable sources of energy that impact the environment in many ways, this issue makes for a great term paper topic.

Waste Disposal

With a global population of approximately 6 billion people, waste disposal is a major concern. Such a burgeoning population generates an enormous amount of waste that if not handled correctly can cause immense damage on the planet.

Media and Marketing Influence on Teenagers

The media is a powerful tool that continues to develop and influence attitudes, beliefs and thoughts. This topic considers how marketing can impact the choices teenagers make and the products they purchase.

The Impact of Technological Advancements on Religion

Technology continues to increase the world’s interconnectivity in new ways. Decisions that are made in one country can impact far-away countries. This topic examines how a smaller world is impacting religion and religious practices.

Nuclear Armament

Since the invention of nuclear weapons, many countries have raced to develop or acquire nuclear capabilities. This topic examines whether nuclear armament is a deterrent to war or a catalyst for war.

Gender Balance

The issue of women empowerment continues to generate considerable debates around the world. This topic can examine whether reserving some leadership positions for women both in government and the corporate world promotes or undermines women empowerment.

Airport Security

With the increasing threat of terror around the world, the aviation sector is increasingly becoming a target for terrorists. This paper topic could examine whether the use of invasive body scans to ensure airlines’ safety is effective or whether there are better methods.

Animal Rights

This term paper topic could examine whether the use of animals for sports, entertainment and medical research is ethical.

Internet Censorship

With the increasing use of the internet as a source of information and a means of socialization, there are growing concerns over how the internet is impacting social values. This term paper topic could examine the role of state sponsored internet sponsorship in maintaining social values.

Cheap Labor

As developed countries move their production facilities to less developed countries due to the availability of cheap labor is those countries, there are growing concerns over whether this practice is ethical. This topic could explore whether this practice is ethical or unethical, and how it helps the less developed countries in terms of jobs creation.


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