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The Top 10 Original Term Paper Topics In Computer Science

Tecchies often have a fear of writing. People who specialize in technologically related majors often think they will know nothing about writing because of their particular area of specialization. But computer science offers so many exciting topics to write about that it really makes the writing easy. First, let me remind you of some of the basic elements of term paper writing, and then I’ll offer you up some great ideas in computer science to write about.

First, let’s discuss the necessity of a specific structure. All research papers have four elements which no paper can exist without—an introductory paragraph, a thesis statement, a body of paragraphs that provide evidence, with research and citations, to support that thesis statement, and a closing paragraph, something that brings the conclusion into the present moment of the writing of the essay and makes the reader think more about the topic.

First, let’s discuss the necessity of the thesis statements. All essays contain a thesis statement that is very clearly worded somewhere around the end of paragraph one, if you want a short introduction with one introductory paragraph and the thesis statement occurring at the end of it, or at the end of the second paragraph with a long introduction, where you, perhaps, want to get the reader’s attention with some snazzy information in paragraph one and move toward your thesis in paragraph two.

The thesis statement tells the reader, “In this paper I will discuss how current methodologies in computer security.

Body paragraphs. In the body paragraphs you need to prove your thesis statement. You will want to back up your thesis statement with plenty of evidence from quality sources—not just magazines but journals and books from respected presses.

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  2. Data Mining, Expert Systems, Neural Networks and Other Artificial Intelligence Methods in Computer Science
  3. Exploring Computer Science and Trees: How we Can Balance, Branch, Traverse and Sort Information Across Systems
  4. Data Compression Methodologies in Computer Science Technology Today
  5. Genetic Algorithms and Computer Science
  6. Virtualization and Abstraction in Computer Science Today
  7. Intuitive Representation and Functionality in Computer Science Technology Today
  8. Computer Security – What Have We Learned So Far?
  9. Representation at Scale: Explorations of Representing Data In a Limited Database in Computer Science Today
  10. Statistical Machine Learning and Computer Science Technology

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