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Writing a research paper: how to organize your writing schedule

An important element of research paper writing includes time management. This means you need to devote your time wisely to ensure your paper is written to meet academic standards. Some topics may actually require more time than others, and it may depend on how much you know.

Estimating How Long a Research Paper Takes to Get Completed

Before you begin your research you need to have an idea how long it will take you to get your paper completed. Think about what your topic will need and the lengths you will have to go to get essential content. You will also need to keep in mind your deadline. You can split up tasks based on when you want to get your work completed. Easier tasks may not take as long to complete, but you can create a strategy that will help you make the process easier without wasting time. Other aspects to consider include writing your rough draft, revisions and proofreading and making an outline. Each of these aspects along with research and note taking will take some time. If you have enough time before your deadline each task can be assigned a different day of the week. On each day you can block out a certain amount of time, like an hour or so, to devote efforts to the task. Since some tasks may not take as much time you could group them in a time frame you feel is realistic to get them done at the same time. Also, check this resource for more helpful hints on this subject.

Getting Priorities Straight: Making Changes to Your Personal Schedule

When you set out to make your schedule consider what tasks need to done on a daily basis. This may include tasks not related to your academics. If you have a job or family to care for this will become a challenging aspect for your research paper. Think about free time you have and consider using it toward your paper. Are you able to switch your attention from one priority to another without your academics suffering? Your schedule should include times you can stick to on a regular basis until your paper is written. You may need to make adjustments to duties you do around the house or consider working on your paper earlier in the day. You may need to do a little sacrificing for a while. Limit how much television you watch. Turn off your cellphone or avoid texting. Try to look for ways to keep your attention centered on time reserved for your project.

Making the Most of Your Time with a Realistic Writing Schedule

Overall, your writing schedule may consist of working on your paper at a certain time of the time. You can devote an hour or so toward research and writing. On days when you have more time you may consider working on your paper longer. Weekends can be a great opportunity to get caught up if you fell behind during the week on getting it done. Be realistic with your schedule. As you make time to work on your paper try to assign the time to a specific task. This way you know you will get something done and having the time set aside makes it a priority. Sticking to the same time daily can help you establish a writing routine. This will make it easier for you to get tasks done and allow you to focus on creating a good research paper.


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