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How To Write A Thesis Statement Of A Research Paper On Child Abuse?

Writing in academia entails many things and unless you have a good mastery of quite a number of them, you will remain a victim of poor grades most of the times you will be assigned a writing task. Well, when it comes to writing an academic paper, there are many areas you can delve into and with specialization in different subjects having gained significance; it is a lot easier to concentrate your paper on a particular issue. By extension, this also makes research easier. The world continues to be bedeviled by a number of problems and one of them is child abuse. Around the globe, no day passes without child abuse cases being reported and while authorities will always do their part to put this to an end, scholars have always contributed to this in their own way with key means being conducting studies on the best ways to curb child abuse. This means that at the end of the day, something must be put down on paper. The question however is, how can you write something many will believe in and consequently apply for the better good of the society?

In academic paper writing such as research writing, thesis statement is a very important section. It is that statement of claim which you seek to justify in your writing so that at the end of the day, you have something worth presenting. How then can you craft a phenomenal thesis statement for your research paper? In this post, we take a look at how to write a thesis statement for a paper on child abuse to get you started.

Defining child abuse

A thesis statement helps indicate the claim which you seek to justify in your writing and so, it should be clearly stated. While many students will go straight to discussing the key variables in a piece of writing, it is important to capture in your thesis statement, a brief meaning of child abuse and perhaps few forms of child abuse.

Call for urgency

In your thesis statement, you should clearly show that there is a problem that needs urgent solution. In this regard, you thesis statement should indicate there is a problem that need to be solved through some urgent action and its likely outcome. It is a claim which you seek to defend through research.


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