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Where To Get Decent Science Research Papers For Free

Students may find themselves looking for free science research papers for a number of reasons: from the competing demands for students’ time, and the requirement that all students take science courses, despite their major. Start your search with these places:

  • Online writing services
  • Its unlikely that you’ll be able to find a free paper from an online writing service, as they’re whole business revolves around charging for them. However, some will post sample papers as a way of drumming up business. It can be risky to use these sample papers as is—any plagiarism checking website will find the match easily. However, you can modify these sample papers, by rephrasing sections of them, so that they won’t be picked up. By rephrasing papers, you’ll also make them seem more like your work, which will make it less likely your teacher will be suspicious.

  • Friends from other schools
  • One great source for free research papers is fellow students. In order to minimize the risk, be sure to get them from people attending other schools, so that there won’t be a chance your teacher has seen them before. You can access papers from students of other schools either through your friends, friends of friends, or online social media.

  • Online forums
  • Other online platform for finding free science research papers are online forums. These will allow you to access papers from students all over the country. To reduce risk, make sure not to use your real name when it comes to online forums. You will also increase your success by offering to trade a paper you’ve already written in another subject for the science one you are looking for.

  • Science magazines
  • While it isn’t a good idea to copy and paste articles from science magazines, they can serve as great templates to use for your paper. Often times they will do the research phase of the assignment for you, providing you with a list of sources. From there, you’ll just need to rephrase it to fit the requirements of your assignments.

Using papers that were written by someone else for your assignments carries a risk. So it is important to weight the benefits and risks before you do it. Getting caught plagiarizing can get you kicked out of school, so to reduce the risks you shouldn’t make a habit out of it. You can also reduce risks by running any paper you get through a plagiarism checking website, because chances are your professor will be using one too!


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