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The Top 25 Interesting Research Paper Ideas For College Students

College students are in a good place in their academic life in the sense that they have attained a particular level of maturity under which they are then able to tackle more challenging topics. This is one of the main reasons why most of the time college students are usually expected to write more analytical papers than the ones that they wrote earlier on in life.

The following are some of the simplest topics that you will ever get to write for your college papers:

  1. Support for working mothers: is society and the workplace doing enough to support working mothers?
  2. Discrimination against women who wish to seek flexible work schedules
  3. Are workaholics building or hurting the economy?
  4. The role of women in religion: should they be priests, ministers, pastors or rabbis?
  5. Is it really cheap to access wind energy?
  6. Is wind energy practical, effective and efficient?
  7. Minimum wages and maximum wages: is it imperative to set a maximum wage just as much as we have minimum wages?
  8. Disparity between the minimum wages for men and women
  9. Are vaccines a good idea or a western concept to control population and further western ideas?
  10. Behavioral tendencies of children towards toys
  11. Parental guidance and discipline: is tough love still an effective form of raising children?
  12. The role that religion has to play in combatting terrorism
  13. Mental and social disorders that damage an individual’s control over their lives
  14. Should steroids be legalized or done away with altogether?
  15. Statutory rape and discrimination against boys. Should these laws be reviewed?
  16. The trauma and challenges that children face when they are forced into sporting activities by their successful sporting parents
  17. The effect of social media on social behavior
  18. Are single sex schools more effective than mixed schools?
  19. Social anxiety and how it manifests in the community
  20. Reforms to help former inmates rejoin the society and become responsible adults
  21. The challenge of international relations
  22. The challenge of intercultural diversity in international relations
  23. Should the debt of developing countries be forgiven by the IMF/World Bank?
  24. The challenge of pollution and advancement in technology
  25. The rise of BRICKS; The newly industrialized countries

You can find a lot of information on these topics and write a very good paper.


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