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25 Unique Knowledge Management Research Paper Topics

There is always that moment when you will need to seek help with your paper, particularly when you are supposed to come up with research paper topics on knowledge management. The following are a number of ideas that will work for you:

  1. Discuss the emergence of organizational issues

  2. Explain the strategic importance of knowledge management

  3. Discuss the concept of intellectual capital

  4. Explain how important communities of inquiry are

  5. Discuss how knowledge management has facilitated mobile work

  6. Discuss the importance of virtual work stations

  7. Provide a framework to balance the employee telework concept

  8. Discuss the impacts of telework to the individual

  9. Explain how teleworking affects the organization

  10. Cite reasons why companies must monitor employee internet use at work

  11. Discuss the ethical challenges involved in monitoring employees online

  12. Discuss the need for privacy in organizations

  13. Explain the challenges that are affecting information privacy today

  14. Discuss how people like Snowden have opened the eyes of corporates

  15. With Julian Assange as an example, explain lessons learned from his ordeal

  16. Use knowledge management principles to compare and contrast Snowden and Assange

  17. Discuss some challenges that are arising in multicultural business platforms across the globe

  18. Explain how businesses can attempt to manage intangible capital

  19. Discuss the business angle for the adoption of RFID

  20. Explain the importance of knowledge management to innovation and organizational development today

  21. Discuss knowledge management principles that can be put in place to help overcome organizational failures

  22. Explain how non business organizations have been able to thrive through knowledge management platforms

  23. Discuss the important role that knowledge management plays in counter terrorism

  24. Explain how philanthropic organizations have been able to become more creative and effective as a result of knowledge management

  25. Cite some challenges that are facing companies today with respect to knowledge management and its application

One thing that you will notice about these titles is that they are issues we come across in normal life. These are things that happen on a daily basis around us, and if you are keen, you will never have to worry about getting a good title. The best thing about taking the approach of things that you see happening daily, is that your paper becomes relevant in terms of dealing with concepts that are realistic.


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